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Our Story

Hesat was a cow goddess of Ancient Egypt that was believed to provide sustenance to humanity.  


As the modern world grapples with issues of food supply, trade, and access, we are entering a new era of agriculture and food security that moves beyond a production-oriented approach to recognize its role in contributing to and coordination of a food system that prioritizes livelihoods, social factors, diets, and climate and environmental outcomes. 


Hesat2030 is responding to this by advocating for scaling up innovation, evidence, institutional analysis, and resource mobilization, at the highest levels. 

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Our Mission

We believe that by working together and leveraging evidence-based research, innovative technologies, and strategic investment, we can create a world that prioritizes equitable access to healthy agriculture and supports farmers in adapting to and mitigating climate change. 

Our Vision

Hesat2030 is committed to catalyzing transformative change in global policies, programs, and investments, and working collaboratively towards a world without hunger.

Our Origins

Ceres2030 was a research project led by Cornell University, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) incorporating economic modelling, machine learning and evidence-based synthesis into a single initiative.


In collaboration with 84 researchers spanning 23 countries and 53 organizations, the project was tasked with the development of a high-impact roadmap to end hunger, double the incomes and productivity of small-scale producers, while protecting the climate. 


An emphasis was placed on need-to-know and clear recommendations, amplified in partnership with Nature Research, focusing on the contribution that international donors should make to end hunger sustainably.

Our Founders 


 Our Partners

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 Our Funders

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