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Announcing the new Chair for the Zero Hunger Coalition

Updated: Feb 15

The former Prime Minister of Niger and current Special Envoy for Food Systems for the African Union, Hon. Ibrahim Mayaki, will serve as the inaugural Chair of the Zero Hunger Coalition.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mayaki has been deeply committed to driving actionable change in the fight against hunger. We recently sat down with Dr. Mayaki for an interview, in which he explains the political landscape for food system governance in Africa, the role of governments and how the Zero Hunger Coalition can help countries.

The Zero Hunger Coalition has also announced that three new organizations have joined the Coalition. The African Adaptation Initiative (AAI), the African Food Systems Parliamentary Network (AFSPaN), and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) have signaled their commitment to the global fight against hunger and will provide their perspectives based on the situation in Africa.

Their participation in the Coalition highlights the recognition not only the of the interconnection between climate change and food security but also importance of legislative and regional approaches to addressing these challenges

This rapprochement took place during CoP 28 where Francine Picard, representing the Zero Hunger Coalition, met with Seyni Nato from the AAI, Jeremy Lissouba from the AFSPaN and Honoré Tabuna from ECCAS.

For more information, visit the Zero Hunger Coalition website.



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